Welcome to the new Playbill Venues Safety Induction. We are happy to launch this new safety initiative which ultimately has been designed to inform you about safety as it applies to working on Events in The Hordern Pavilion.


To access the course:

  1. Go to https://playbill.donesafe.com/ (or click below)
  2. Sign in using the following details

    Username - induction@playbill.group
    Password - pbgsafety
  3. Select Start Induction
  4. Complete the details on the form
  5. Select Complete
  6. Once the course loads, read through the course
    and complete the assessment as you progress
  7. Print the Certificate (or save as a PDF)
  8. This will only appear if you get 100% on the quiz
  9. Select Continue and complete the Declaration
  10. Select Complete and log out of Donesafe