Technical Details

Floor Areas    

Main Hall Floor area 

3,625 sq.m

Foyer Floor Area

320 sq.m

North East Dressing Rooms

36 sq.m & 50 sq.m

North West Dressing Rooms

36 sq.m & 28 sq.m

Production Office

8 sq.m

Green Room

100 sq.m



Floor to Perimeter Roof

7.6 metres

Floor to underside Support Truss

6.2 metres

Floor to Top of Dome (underside)

13 metres

Floor to Stage rigging points

8 metres



From back wall to front wall

64 metres

From east wall to west wall

64 metres

In between columns 

30 metres


The modular and portable stage is 12 metres deep by 18 metres wide and its height can be adjusted from 0.9 metres to 1.4 metres

The central rigging dome has an event load capacity of 30 tonnes.  There are ample rigging points in the perimeter roof ceiling.  Clients need to submit a rigging plan for approval.  For details about the rigging points, refer to the appropriate plan.

Loading Dock    
The loading dock is situated at the Northern end of the Hall. It has two loading doors leading directly into the Hall. Trucks up to 10 Tonnes can drive into the Hall.

The Hall has a house lighting system that can be dimmed.  There is no other lighting equipment, dimmers or lighting bars.

There are 4 x 300 Amp/3 Phase outlets at the North Western side of the stage.  These outlets are fitted with PowerLock connectors but also allow for a “tie-in” by our Electrician. In addition there is a 32 Amp/3 Phase connector in each corner of the catwalk

There is a catwalk above the Central Rigging Dome. The catwalk runs around the whole central dome area.  Suspended from the catwalk at the Southern end are 2 follow-spot booths and 1 central booth for lighting boards for follow-spots.

Dressing Rooms    
There are 4 large dressing rooms, two on either side of the stage.  The rooms closest to the stage can be used as a production office, dressing room or servery (each has a large roller shutter opening into the Hall).  On the eastern side there is also a small production office.  Upstairs on the eastern side is a large Green Room with full kitchen facilities and toilets.  Upstairs on the western side is the Venue Managers Office (NOT available for use by the hirer).

Tiered, portable/retractable seating is available with a total capacity of 3500 seats.  Standard configuration includes the upper retractable seats only (1,786) extracted or retracted.  Price for the installation of the lower retractable and floors seats is on application.  For a range of configurations please refer to the maps

Curtains and Drapes    
There is a curtain track on each of the western and eastern sides of the hall that allows a reduction in the size of the Hall.  These tracks are fitted with black wool curtains.

At floor level there are 30 female toilets at the south-eastern corner, plus a disabled toilet.  The south-western corner has 6 male toilets plus urinals, plus a disabled toilet.  Accessible from stairs in the foyer are an additional 29 female toilets and 4 male toilets plus urinals, in the south-western basement level.

Concession Outlets    
The foyer has 2 concession outlets that open onto the foyer as well as the forecourt.  Two smaller outlets (mainly for the service of beverages) are located within the Hall at the south-eastern and south-western corners.  Two portable concession outlets are available in the forecourt.

A portable Guest Relations Desk, and portable merchandise outlets are available in the foyer.  A public telephone will also be installed for convenience of guests.  The foyer has a separate dimming system.

Air Conditioning    
The Hall and the foyer are fully air conditioned.  All dressing rooms and offices have individual air conditioning units. â

Public Address System    
There is an in-house PA system which provides coverage to the auditorium, foyer and forecourt.