Technical Details

Floor Areas: 

Main Hall Floor Area:


Corporate Lounge Area:


The Corporate Lounge also has three offices, one overlooking the Main Hall. The Corporate Lounge can be divided into two separate rooms.


Floor to top of wall:  

7.6 metres

Floor to apex perimeter roof: 

12.8 metres

Floor to bottom chord roof truss: 

9 metres (highest point)

Floor to bottom support truss between columns: 

6.2 metres

Floor to apex main roof:

17.2 metres

Floor to bottom chord main roof truss: 

13.4 metres (highest point)


From north to south wall

92 metres

From east to west wall:

61 metres

Between columns north to south:

60 metres (highest point)

Between columns east to west:

30 metres

Between individual columns:

5.7 metres (north-south)


7 metres (east-west)

Mains Power:
A total of 1200Amp/3Ø is available in the service tunnel, which runs north-south. 
Distribution through 12x32Amp/3Ø, 6x63Amp/3Ø and 3 x 400Amp/3Ø Powerlock connectors.

There are ample rigging points throughout the exposed roof truss structure.

Please note, the Royal Hall of Industries is not air-conditioned, however temporary air conditioning can be installed in the summer months.