Playbill Venues WH&S Policy

Playbill Venues aims to operate: 

·         Operate Incident and injury free in whatever we do

·         Achieve worlds best practice in sustainable environmental management

·         Establish and maintain a truly safe and healthy working environment for all our employees, visitors and people who do business with us.

·         Encourage Event Producers/Promoters and their contractors to embrace the PV WH&S practices as “best practice” 

The responsibility for achieving all of these aims rests squarely with all PV employees. 

The senior management team has a particular responsibility to ensure: 

·         WH&S plans are established

·         An appropriately skilled WH&S manager is proactively managing all WH&S aspects of events and operations

·         All employees receive regular training in WH&S matters relevant to their role

·         WH&S performance of regular events is recorded & analysed

·         Details of incidents & injuries are forwarded to all parties necessary

·         Safe work procedures are reviewed and continually updated

·         External consultation with industry groups & associations is maintained to keep abreast of change

·         WH&S matters form an integral part of business plans and strategies

·         There is a consultation process in place where employees are able to raise WH&S issues

·         All relevant legislation is complied with

·         Proactively work with all PV stakeholders including clients, contractors and the workforce to make this a reality 

PV employees and event producers/contractors are responsible for: 

·         Fulfilling their commitments to WH&S

·         Completing the PV online safety induction

·         Adhering to the PV WH&S plan as defined in the safety booklet

·         Adhering to the policies and procedures outlined in the induction and safety booklet

·         Following documented safe work methods when working in our venues

·         Reporting hazards or accidents correctly

·         Ensuring that their conduct does not endanger others






PV WH&S Policy